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Rider Awards

November 2, 2017

2017 Freebord Rider Award Videos

  We know you guys have been dying to see the videos from last weekend's awards ceremony so here they are without any further delay!         2017 Freebord Rider Awards Rookie Of The Year   Standout Of The Year  …
FRAluke miller
October 13, 2016

Freebord nominees of 2016

FREEBORD RIDER AWARDS NOMINATIONS The 2016 Freebord Rider Awards begin this Friday! Make sure you don't miss out on what's going down. Chill with the pros, ride, and rage! Here are the nominations for this year. looking through all the submissions we've picked our nominees and are stoked to announce the…
September 23, 2014

Freebord Air Bag

The bouncy castle at your quinceanera ain't got shit on this. That's right, this year at FRA's we threw down the skrilla for our own air bag. You'll be able to huck yourself stupid into 5+ feet of cushy air bag goodness. Here's a few photos of us at work today, and…
NewsQuentin MestreTeam
October 16, 2013

2013 Rider Nominations

After a lot of sick submissions, we're stoked to announce the Rookie, Standout, and Rider of the year finalists! Thank you to everyone who submitted and remember, there are no winners or losers in Freebording! Rookie of The Year David Schiotis - Los Alamitos, California Florian Bacho - Paris, France…
October 13, 2011

FRA Weekend Starts Tomorrow

FRA weekend starts tomorrow night with a party at the Freebord Warehouse. We're planning to tap the keg around 5pm but feel free to cruise through whenever -- we'll be partying all night! Here's the rest of the schedule for the weekend. And don't forget to check out the map…
October 7, 2011

FRA 2011 Schedule

Freebord Rider Awards weekend starts in one week! Take the next week to rest and get your shit together 'cuz we've got a serious weekend of partying and shredding planned for everyone. Just a reminder that the Rider Awards venue for Saturday night has been changed from MedJool Restaurant to…
September 8, 2011

Freebord Rider Awards 2011

The 2011 Freebord Rider Awards are back in San Francisco October 14th & 15th! It's a little late, we know. But we're setting up a kick-ass couple days of partying on our home turf that are not to be missed. And if you're cruising in from outside San Francisco, take…
October 18, 2010

Rider Awards Winners 2010

Huge congrats to the winners of this year's Rider Awards 2010! Rookie of the Year: Dave Taylor (Australia) Standout of the Year: Tom Macfarlane (Australia) Rider of the Year: Arnaud DeBluze (France) All the nominees killed it; thank you for helping make this one of the hardest decisions yet.