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What up freeborders all over the world…..How was the Spread The Shred in your country/city? Feeling like there’s too long for the next one? Well, we do. While we are taking some trips around Brazil to get some footages for a new video, but besides that, now you can watch our new edit and some really dope pictures from the Brazilian STS which happened in my city, Belo Horizonte. We spent 3 days shredding all over the city and looking for some new hills like this one that we found on our way to shred a skatepark inside the biggest favela of BH: Favela da Serra. In the beginning we were thinking if will not be possible because of the traffic, like cars and lots of motorcycles but in the end we hit like 5 times and all the locals who were there got stoked about it.

It was supposed to be just a Sunday morning in the park but it turns into a rad and probably one of the most exciting drop in the whole event, go check it out!


Photos credit: Daniel Lima Prado

Shredding the 3rd world!

Rafael BMF

What up, I'm Rafael from Brazil and since 2009 I've been addicted to that shred life. Besides that, I work as a psychologist focused on PTSD and I'm the man behind the BMFmovement.

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