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As some may know, our forum went down a few months ago. Now, some of you kids may be asking yourselves, “what the f**k is this guy talking about?! What is a forum?!”.

Well, let us help! here

 It has been very hard to fill the void a forum-less life has created. But, we’ve survived and it’s back! Drop in, register, and say what’s up! We’ll be dropping special coupon codes and announcing new gear first, exclusive to the forum. So, make sure you keep an eye out!

You can get to the forum here: 



Been around the block since 2007. Bay Area born and raised, I've had the pleasure to Freebord in over 8 countries across the world and counting. Filmer and editor of many prolific Freebord films such as the 1st place 2009 Best Submitted Video, "The Bay Remix", 2010 Best Submitted video 2nd place winner, "Love & Skate", and Freebord produced videos "A-Team: Trouble on Wheels" & "A-Team Highlight Reel".

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