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Check out this sweet short video that our friends over in Utah got the chance to colab on with two local studios (BriteLite Studio & Elm Studio).

The Director had this to say:

“I’m not a Freeborder, But I grew up snowboarding and watching these types of videos. So, it’s kinda what really made me jump into filmmaking. So I hit up Elm Studio and asked if they’d be down to jump on a passion project with me, you can only do so many corporate projects and wedding videos before your brain wants to explode haha. I met the Wasatch guys about a year ago while I was working for a filmmaking group called the “Weekend Voyagers” and stayed in contact with them because I knew I’d want to work with them in the future.”


Terence M.

Born 1990, grew up in Berkeley, California. I love comic books, Freebord, movies and fine craft beer. I am also a legend.

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