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“Choose your own adventure” was the mantra for this year’s Team Trip, and it could not have been any more fitting considering the fact that the Team dictated where we’d stop and what hills we’d ride. With our compass pointing north and our final destination being Seattle, we had no idea what lied ahead of us as we took each leg of the journey day by day. Corey Lucero took a pretty nasty spill dodging a car that pulled our in front of him and had to take it easy for the last quarter of the trip. Despite not being able to ride as much as he’d like, I was real hyped on how his section for the team video turned out. In it, he gave some great insight into his life and why he chooses to risk life and limb for the sake of the shred. Check out more photos from the trip HERE.

Matt Reyes

I'm strong like Gahndi, smart like Snooki, trusting like the police, tan like David Hasselhoff, slick like sandpaper, conventional like Dennis Rodman, and handsome like Sloth from the goonies. I'm a cat aficionado, powered by coffee who spends most of his time surfing the internet or your friend's empty couch. When I'm not sitting at my desk here at Freebord, I'm out riding my bike, thinking about pizza, or riding my bike while thinking about pizza.

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