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corey lucero

Corey LuceroTeam
October 29, 2014

Team Trip 2014 – Corey Lucero

"Choose your own adventure" was the mantra for this year's Team Trip, and it could not have been any more fitting considering the fact that the Team dictated where we'd stop and what hills we'd ride. With our compass pointing north and our final destination being Seattle, we had no…
NewsTips and Tricks
March 16, 2012

Freebord Trick Tips: Nose Stall

Want to learn a new trick this year? Add a nose stall to your repertoire; it's a versatile trick that can be done on anything from a quarter pipe to a curb. Check out the video below to see Freebord Pro Corey Lucero show you the basics and the variations…
October 14, 2009


Or so says this article, which he participated in as a favor to some friends of Freebord. Nice little shoutout for SOtY 2009 man! Read on to see what digital creatives Todd Crisman of Element79 and Organic's Sacha Reeb, along with 22-year-old Corey Lucero, a Maryland freeborder (a relatively new…