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Freebord - FRA 2014 - Austin Pachaud - Dethbox - Riot Squad
Freebord - FRA 2014 - Bob Glashan - Dethbox
Freebord - FRA 2014 - Daniel R. Clay - Drop In
Freebord - FRA 2014 - Mike Schmitt - Walking Back
Freebord - FRA 2014 - Through The Roll Door
Freebord - FRA 2014 - Justin Oliver - FRA TShirt
Freebord - FRA 2014 - Caleb Casey - Factory Floor
Freebord - FRA 2014 - Mike Schmitt - Megaphone
Now that the 2014 Freebord Rider Awards is all wrapped up and in the bag, I took a minute this morning to look through some of the photos that were taken in between filming clips of everyone shredding during the jam. We arranged three different setups throughout the event and let riders focus on specific obstacles. Landed tricks and crazy attempts were awarded with cold hard cash, to which everyone graciously stepped up the plate to take a swing at things.

We set all three quarter pipes at the end of the driveway during the transition portion, pulled out the shotgun rail, and aligned a kicker w/ the landing so that riders could charge at it head on and catch some serious hangtime. Caleb Casey came through and destroyed this part of the jam, throwing everything from backflips to layed out 360’s with ease. I don’t think DRC stopped riding or sat down once that night, because everytime I looked he was waiting in line or ready to drop from the top of the roll in.

The exclusive Dethbox hoodies Bob Glashan was screen printing set a serious precedence by the end of the night, as only the Riot Squad was gifted the right to have one. Mike “The Real Mike” Schmitt was both getting loose on his Freebord, and getting everyone stoked by handing out cash / calling out tricks. All in all, this is one of the best FRA’s we’ve ever had and we can’t wait to see everyone again next year.

Matt Reyes

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