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After much anticipation, we’re proud to present the 2014 Freebord full length entitled “Stoke The Flame“. This 33 minute long full length feature was filmed throughout the course of 2014 and showcases all of our Pro Team Riders. The majority of the footage is from the US team trip in July, but there are parts that were shot overseas. Big thanks to everyone who lost skin while filming, drove the van when nobody else wanted to, cooked for the team, and made this one of the best years we’ve ever had. We suggest you stop what you’re doing, go make some popcorn, then kick back and enjoy the show.

Freebord 2014 Pro Team (Order of Appearance)
1:11 – Corey Lucero
3:20 – Caleb Casey
6:55 – Bently Anderson
10:22 – Daniel Clay
12:57 – Mike Hoppe
16:15 – Jordi Puig
19:41 – David Schiotis
23:15 – Pierre Linckenheld

Intro : Eligh – Begin
Corey : Alt-J – Nara
Caleb : Rose Windows – Native Dreams
Bently : Player – Baby Come Back
DRC : Dat Boi T – Foreign Doors & Cadillacs (Chopped & Screwed)
Mike : The Sword – Iron Swan // The Sword – Celestial Crown
Jordi : The Kinks – Waterloo Sunset // Lil Wyte & Frayser Boy – Fake Rappers // Snowmine – The Hill
David : Something A La Mode – Dies Irae // Andrew Britton & David Goldsmith – Hearts Collide
Pierre : Christopher Cross – Ride Like The Wind
Credits 1 : The Kinks – Lola
Credits 2 : Temples – A Question Isn’t Answered



Matt Reyes

I'm strong like Gahndi, smart like Snooki, trusting like the police, tan like David Hasselhoff, slick like sandpaper, conventional like Dennis Rodman, and handsome like Sloth from the goonies. I'm a cat aficionado, powered by coffee who spends most of his time surfing the internet or your friend's empty couch. When I'm not sitting at my desk here at Freebord, I'm out riding my bike, thinking about pizza, or riding my bike while thinking about pizza.

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  • Angel says:

    Great job on everything however it would be good to have some independent trucks available and those smooth binders and padding for them. Just saying lol

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