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Ask a Freebord Pro

Tips and Tricks
February 7, 2012

Ask a Freebord Pro: How to Become a Pro

Rider Question: What do I need to work on in my freebording to become a freebord pro? What criteria make you "good" at freebording? Thanks, Dallas Do you look this epic when you stare at your phone? Pro Answer: Mike Hoppe Hey Dallas, thanks for the question. There's no specific…
TeamTips and Tricks
February 1, 2012

Ask a Freebord Pro: Edge Control

Rider Question: Hey, I just fell really hard! :( My problem is that when I’m going over a certain speed, the change from edge to edge is really aggressive. Can anyone give me advice on how to control my board when going very fast? I have 2 set-ups, one with…