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Rider Question: Randy

Hey Freebord!

Been riding for about two years now. I just learned how to center wheel. My issue is with spins. I watch allot of videos and notice people spin so smooth. I can spin but it doesn’t look smooth. It’s looks I’m putting to much weight on my edge wheels. Any tips on how to spin smoother and faster?

Thanks, Randy


Pro Answer: David Schiotis

Yo Randy,

When it comes to spinning smoother and faster I would say there is three things to take into account:

1) Trying to have as much weight on your center wheels and minimal weight edge wheels. I personally spin sometimes and for a spilt second I am only on centers. This is a little scary since that could also lead to and edge catch, but having adequate rocker has always saved me.

2) Having more weight on the centers also helps to change edges in a spin which will help with spinning smoother. Rather than clunky looking 180 then 180 it will look like a smooth 360, 540 or however many time you want to spin.

3) As for spinning faster it takes throwing your body into the spin. It’s a similar feeling to what you do before you do a spin in the air. The feeling of winding up your body and then throwing the spin. This takes committing to spin though because you have to be ready for each edge change as you are spinning faster.

The last thing as with everything is practice practice practice. Put some jams on and get in flow. Soon enough you’ll have more muscle memory and be spinning faster and smoother. Hope this helps!

-David Schiotis


Been around the block since 2007. Bay Area born and raised, I've had the pleasure to Freebord in over 8 countries across the world and counting. Filmer and editor of many prolific Freebord films such as the 1st place 2009 Best Submitted Video, "The Bay Remix", 2010 Best Submitted video 2nd place winner, "Love & Skate", and Freebord produced videos "A-Team: Trouble on Wheels" & "A-Team Highlight Reel".

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