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Ask a Freebord Pro: Frontside 3's

By February 2, 2012May 19th, 2014One Comment

Rider Question
So I have a question. My name is Bernie and I have been a Freeborder for a little over two years now. I was wondering how can I learn how to do a full spin on the board when going down a hill. Sort of like this @ 0:32 on I’m referring to the Virginifornia video by the way. Oh! Also, is there any reason on most of the videos posted on the site that you guys get pulled over by the police? What causes you guys to get in trouble? Is it just disturbing traffic, or just skating on public streets? Answers would be very appreciated.:) Later!

Pro Answer: Daniel Vega
Yo Bernie!

I think I can help you out, dude. The first step to getting a 360 slide down is understanding your edges and what they do. For example, when you’re on your heels with weight your front foot, you slide frontside into switch. Since you’ve been riding for two years, you most likely have a good grasp on this concept already so im not going to dwell on it.

The spin you referenced in Virginifornia is a backside 360, the first spin I learned, so I’m going to focus on that one. Anything in {brackets} is for the frontside 360.

Step 1: On your toeside {heelside} edge, subtly shift your weight to your front foot. This will cause you and your board drift backside {frontside}.

Step 2: At this point, you are about to finish the first 180 (you’re halfway there!). once you get to about 170°, roll your weight over to the back foot on your heelside {toesdie} (technically since you’re in switch at this point, it’s your front foot). This will cause you to drift on your heels {toes} right back into regular.

STEP 3: Practice, challenge yourself by doing it at higher speeds not too far outside of your comfort zone. Throw an overslide into it or out of it. Add some style. Sprinkle bacon and milk duds all over that shit. whatever. Make it your own, and wear a helmet.

– The less pressure you apply on your edges, the more you’ll maintain your speed – at first it will probably look like a 180-180 but if you practice your timing it will turn into a seamless 360.

– Once you initiate the spin, turn your head in the direction of your spin. Always look where you’re going. Your legs follow your torso which follows your shoulders which follows your head. Buttery Ass Donovan can drop some more knowledge on ya – commit. Don’t hesitate.

And Regardng the cops:
Yeh. What we do is technically illegal (depending on how much of a killjoy the officer is). We try our hardest to be polite and respectful of traffic and residents where we ride so that we don’t jeopardize the possibility of ever going back. But there’s always the anal old man that takes pictures of us skating, and the car and its plates, thinking the people in the forensics lab will deem it priority number one first thing in the morning; or the woman that grabs her kids and clinches them tight as we come riding by, all too aware of our cruel intentions; or you or one of your buddies has a close call with a moving car. These are the signs I usually see but any significant hint or gesture that youre not welcome you should probably
move on to the next spot cause chances are they’re callin 5-0. I’ve gotten a couple of tickets for ‘Playing on a roadway’. Guilty as charged. But more often than not they just tell you to get the hell out of there.

I hope I was able to help, Bernie! Keep the shred alive.


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