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Paname All stars 

The How2Slide crew has been putting in work! Recently they hosted an epic ride in Paris with a huge turnout. The video is edited by Alexandre Pallastrelli from Paris. It Features Nicolas Garel, ClĂ©ment LeNaour, Quentin Mestre, Loic Garel, Alex Marcadet (Rookie of the year), Gaspard Choron, Nicolas Neves, Eric Bouquet, and Paul Phan. Special guests: Jonathan Delouneaux and Ludwig Walton from Freebord Guadeloupe and of course David Schiotis. New French Riders (NFR) and Houlala Riders (HR), Paris-based crews and all came to ride with How2Slide. The total amount of riders that came through were about 25 to 30 people. Make sure to check back in for more shred!

Marcus Sanchez

multimedia artist / production monkey with an adrenaline problem. I'm all about bombing and technical riding. When I'm not riding I'm either doing something involving design and motion graphics or being attacked by my daughter.

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