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It’s getting near that time again and the 2017 Spread The Shred tour will be going down in a city near you! Every year, our goal is to shred all over in as many groups as possible. We’ve gotten tons of confirmed stops, but we at Freebord encourage you to be a part of the fun, as always. If you are interested in getting involved by hosting your own local ride or anything else contact Bob at [email protected]

The tour is worldwide and can be hosted by riding crews, shops, or just friends. It’s the perfect reason to get a group ride going as well as introduce newcomers to Freebording. We supply each ride with tee shirts, stickers, and swag. We also try to send riders to as many stops as possible. This will be going down from April until July. Stay tuned for more info on this year’s tour!

Check out how it all went down last year in our Spread the shred roundup.

Marcus Sanchez

multimedia artist / production monkey with an adrenaline problem. I'm all about bombing and technical riding. When I'm not riding I'm either doing something involving design and motion graphics or being attacked by my daughter.

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