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We’re all hunkered down here at HQ while the much-needed snow hits the Sierras and rain falls here in SF. I was browsing YouTube and noticed we never dropped Corey Lucero’s full “Stoke the Flame” part.

Watching it, I noticed Corey Say something pretty cool at the beginning that fully encompasses that feeling you get when you’re out riding. He says, “Oh, man…It’s the best feeling, I just don’t think about anything else when I ride. It’s just an awesome release and escape from everything else, all the BS that goes on and stress. It’s just nothing but fun and adrenaline. When you’re with friends it just makes it even better. Nothing’s better really… than shredding with friends.”


Been around the block since 2007. Bay Area born and raised, I've had the pleasure to Freebord in over 8 countries across the world and counting. Filmer and editor of many prolific Freebord films such as the 1st place 2009 Best Submitted Video, "The Bay Remix", 2010 Best Submitted video 2nd place winner, "Love & Skate", and Freebord produced videos "A-Team: Trouble on Wheels" & "A-Team Highlight Reel".


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