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Freebord - FRA 2014 - Team Video - Editing Booth

Freebord - FRA 2014 - Bob Glashan - Dethbox - Screen Print 1

Freebord - FRA 2014 - Bob Glashan - Dethbox - Screen Print 2

Freebord - FRA 2014 - David Bickett - Back

Freebord - FRA 2014 - Mike T Schmitt - Cane

After one of the most memorable weekends in Freebord history, things have finally begun to mellow out around the factory. The skys opened up this morning and hosed down the city washing away whatever blood and beer stained our driveway after the ramp competition. David Bickett took a nasty spill which left a decent sized mark across his back. Bob Glashan hand screened exclusive Dethbox hoodies for the Riot Squad. And fly me to the FRA’s winner Marshall Laflower dislocated his elbow after going hard on some of the new ramps at the warehouse.

Saturday night, everybody rolled up to the Variety Club in limos where we premiered our new video from this year’s Team Trip. A 30 minute, full length motion picture featuring the Pro Team that’s been in the making over the last few months. Big thanks to everyone who came out and made this year’s Freebord Rider Awards, one of the best we’ve ever had. We can’t wait to see everyone again next year.

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