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November 14, 2013

Keep Your Shred Legs All Year

What it do, nephews?  Hoppe here.  Some careless individual gave me the keys to this here blog, so I'm going to be coming on here to ramble at you guys when the mood strikes.  Expect stuff like riding tips, gear tips, some Freebord history (both ancient and recent), behind the…
NewsTips and Tricks
March 16, 2012

Freebord Trick Tips: Nose Stall

Want to learn a new trick this year? Add a nose stall to your repertoire; it's a versatile trick that can be done on anything from a quarter pipe to a curb. Check out the video below to see Freebord Pro Corey Lucero show you the basics and the variations…
NewsTips and Tricks
February 23, 2012

Ask a Freebord Pro: Wheel Size

Rider Question: Hey my name is Griff and I've been freebording for about four months. I'm wondering if it matters whether or not I use skateboard wheels. I use them for the amount of rocker they give the board. I've noticed that all the pros use either Freebord wheels or…
NewsTips and Tricks
February 13, 2012

Ask a Freebord Pro: Camera Settings

Rider Questions: I just got my first go pro HERO, so I wonder which camera settings do you recommend? It’s the snowboard season here in Norway now, so it is not much freebording, unfortunately. But I’m thinking about trying to ride in some tunnels, what settings will you recommend then?…
Tips and Tricks
February 10, 2012

Ask a Freebord Pro: Center Wheel Height

Rider Question: I've been feebording for a few months now and I've been wondering where my center wheels should be, closer to the board or farther from the board. Also, I'd like to know what some pros recommend for where the center wheels should be positioned. Thanks, Greg Pro Answer:…