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Ask a Freebord Pro: Wheel Size

By February 23, 2012May 19th, 20143 Comments

Rider Question:
Hey my name is Griff and I’ve been freebording for about four months. I’m wondering if it matters whether or not I use skateboard wheels. I use them for the amount of rocker they give the board. I’ve noticed that all the pros use either Freebord wheels or longboard wheels. Does size make a difference?

Pro Answer: Corey Lucero
Whatup Griff!

Size does make a difference to an extent when it comes to Freebord wheels, but not just for one reason.

Using skateboard wheels would give you a large amount of rocker as you have stated, but the other issue with using those wheels is the durometer. They are usually pretty hard wheels with duros of 90 and above. Also the contact size of skateboard wheels is small, this combination on a Freebord will give you a rough ride, and less friction to turn into stopping power.

Using a bigger and softer durometer wheel will not only provide you with a smoother ride overall, but you will be able to stop quicker and maintain stability at higher speeds with more ease.

Now since you like lots of rocker, you could try smaller longboard wheels maybe around 60mm, but I wouldn’t go softer than 78a durometer. The softer you go, the faster they will wear down and have potential to flat spot. The other issue starting with smaller wheels is that they are only going to get smaller. So starting with a wheel like Da Blues 78mm 80a durometer will last you longer overall, and wear down at a slower rate, thus maintaining various mm sizes for longer periods of time than its smaller, softer counterparts. When you ride all the time, how fast a wheel wears down is a big consideration when buying wheels.

Another route you can explore is larger center wheel sizes, but you must be careful with this because most of the wheels on the market are made for inline skates, and are not designed to take the abuse that a Freebord puts on them. They can melt, explode, de-laminate unexpectedly, and cause a wreck. Take it slow when experimenting!

So explore those larger and softer wheels, and notice the performance difference. I definately recommend you check out Da Blues wheels, even if you like a lot of rocker. Always wear your helmet, and If you decide to try larger non Freebord MFG center wheels, maybe wear some other pads as well.


-Corey Lucero

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  • John Russell says:

    Great Advice brother, I will add I have tried to save buying cheaper longboard wheels when I first started riding but like Corey realized that although they might have slightly faster stopping power they wear down 100 times faster and make it really more expensive in the end then riding the pro blues or the old yellow or green slashers even the orange purple and white are better than almost any longboard wheel. Plus if you eat shit because you rode a shittier wheel your hospitol bill will surely be more than ordering a few sets of the blues. Get one atleast and you WONT ride anything else again I promise. Here’s the freebord equation Da Blues > than Yellow Slashers or Kryptonic Blues (old school) > than green slashers > white, orange, purple slashers > than all longboard wheels except maybe = to otangs > than cheaper longboard wheels (generics) > ANY SKATEBOARD WHEEL NO MATTER DURO OR SIZE!

  • Chuck says:

    Hey I’m chuck and I can do a 180 and some stuff but my bord just won’t stay on my feet some times and I move my bindings a lot and stuff but do u have any tips or things like that for me to keep my bord on my feet???

  • Ramzi says:

    What’s the original dimensions of the centre wheel? I bought a second hand board. And doesn’t seem to have enough rocker.

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