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Rider Submitted

Rider Submitted
April 29, 2011

Community Shred Call for Entries

Start stockpiling your footy! We're bringing back the spirit of the Riders Represent video series, with 3 rider-submitted, Freebord-edited videos released throughout the summer. Whether you've been riding for 10 years or 2 months, go out and film your local shred and show us what Freebording is to you:  an…
NewsRider Submitted
March 18, 2011

BEV Results

Congratulations Cyril Calgaro - Winner of the 2011 Best Edited Video Contest! Cyril's video will be featured on, the Freebord Youtube channel, Facebook and Freebord International sites around the world. He also gets $500 cash for his efforts. Great job man!
Rider Submitted
May 21, 2010

1686 Crew

Nice lil' edit from a buncha French folks. Yo, where you guys at and wtf is 1686? Riders: Dadou, Julien, Wildkat, Tex, Remy, Lucien, Simon, Tutur, Mathieu, Boule, Marc, Flo. Edit: Dadou
Rider Submitted
October 10, 2009

From Freebord’s Inbox

After picking up an Alpha 112 and buying a whole bunch of new hardware for it, our buddy Daniel got a rude awakening: 10/3/09  If that order hasn't gone through please put a stop on it I got the board jacked earlier today. I left the board in my work…