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From Freebord’s Inbox

By October 10, 2009May 19th, 20146 Comments

After picking up an Alpha 112 and buying a whole bunch of new hardware for it, our buddy Daniel got a rude awakening:

10/3/09  If that order hasn’t gone through please put a stop on it I got the board jacked earlier today. I left the board in my work truck during lunch and some little prick took it. Man if I find the kid that did it hes finished and the bad part was it was at a deli in a business park. So I hope someone saw it.

10/5/09 …one of my friends works at the deli so hes going to keep an eye out for it. I might just keep the parts since one of my best friends bros mountains boards and he has a board really similar to this alpha model that he will give me. For the time being I will probably put the hardware on that.

Can’t fault this guy’s determination to ride… guess he’ll have to settle for a mountainboard… unless…?

10/9/09  Got my freebord back my buddy that works at the deli was out making deliveries and on his way back to work there was a kid riding around on a long board. He went by to check it out and sure enough it was my board. The kid took some convincing since he payed some douche 40 for it haha but after I sent my bud those cell pics, they squared it away and the kid reluctantly gave him the board back.

Man, you sure got some nice friends. Shoulda bribed that kid to tell you who he bought it from!


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