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October 10, 2009

From Freebord’s Inbox

After picking up an Alpha 112 and buying a whole bunch of new hardware for it, our buddy Daniel got a rude awakening: 10/3/09  If that order hasn't gone through please put a stop on it I got the board jacked earlier today. I left the board in my work…
NewsRider Submitted
June 8, 2009

Heroic Deed of the Week

Freebord down gnarly hills in South Africa? Check. Watch your ride get hit by crashing plane? Check. Pull pilot and passenger out of burning wreckage? Check and check. Freebord's Heroic Deed of the Week officially goes to the SA crew of Riccardo Webb, Nic Haralambous, Mike Stopforth, Craig Rodney, Rich…
Rider Submitted
May 6, 2009

Votes for Women

Our girl Manou needs your help to become the face of Quiksilver's womens line for France! Manou's been on the Freebord scene for years, winning BSVs, schooling other riders and looking good all the while. Click here to vote for her - she's in the top 10 already but still…
Rider Submitted
May 4, 2009

Sweden Opening Day Ride

Spring's officially hit for the Swedes, as all the greenery and goats in this vid can attest. Not sure who's beard we like better though - the goat at 0:01 or this guy, who showed up on our doorstep today after months of absence. Jönköping 2009 event from Christoffer Husser…