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2010 Rider of the Year Nominees

By October 8, 2010May 19th, 201434 Comments

The 2010 Freebord Pro team has been one of the best to date – from OGs to super steez and everywhere in between. These three riders went above and beyond this year, earning nominations for Freebord Rider of the Year.

Rider of the Year 2010
Team riders who best combines style, skill and a forward-thinking vision to feed progression in the sport of Freebording

  • Sam Trowbridge (Australia)
  • Arnaud DeBluze (France)
  • Corey Lucero (USA)

Winner of Rider of the Year will be announced on Saturday, Oct. 16th at the FRA party in Las Vegas.


Progression and innovation is what drives us. Through years of evolution and rider driven design, Freebord has engineered a setup that rides exactly like a snowboard on pavement.


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