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2010 Rider Awards Nominees

By October 7, 2010May 19th, 201417 Comments

2010 has been a great year for the progression of Freebording. Noobs are killing it more than ever before and existing riders are continuing to push the sport in ways we never thought possible. These are the nominees for Freebord Rider Awards 2010:

Rookie of the Year 2010
Riders who have come up on the scene in the past year/ year and a half

Standout of the Year 2010
Riders who have been Freebording for a while, but are killing it more than ever this year

Thank you to everyone who submitted! Winners will be announced on Saturday, Oct. 16th at the FRA party in Las Vegas.


Progression and innovation is what drives us. Through years of evolution and rider driven design, Freebord has engineered a setup that rides exactly like a snowboard on pavement.


  • banzaimunk says:

    snubbed again?! screw you guys. i quit freebord forever

  • DRC says:

    dood just be happy for the people who made the cut.. i mean no offense but if me and mike d didnt make it you wouldnt forsure..

  • vega says:


  • bently says:

    nothing cocky, and mad respect for Macca and Nils but i was slighly under the impression my submission was noteworthy of a nomination. I had been having mad computer issues, far beyond a few so i turned my submission in by hand. But now i have to spend hours in the library for school work [!thursday]. So i’m trying to render and shit, in hopes of getting some support from the community in catching a Cougar in las vegas.

    My GuesS:
    Macca, &&

    And: between Mike’d, Me, and Bob, international nominees are ESSENTIAL.

  • Gwenvael says:

    again, surprising results. stoked for gibbons though, what a ripper. and davo finally gets some recognition, sick!

  • davo t says:

    Ozzy represent!!!

  • mattb says:

    bently and tmurg are missing…

  • tim says:

    where is rider of the year? i should have been in the running even though i havent ridden i still will fuck all you guys up by just looking at a freebord with my eyes.. yeah looking at a freebord with my own eyes is far more advanced and pushing the progression of the sport to new levels more then any of you fools..

  • davo says:

    nicky gibbons deserves the award!

  • yan yopa says:

    jordi has to win i never saw him but he is the best!

  • yan yopa says:

    who has win??
    does some body knowÇ??

  • Timo says:

    Ich denke ich bin kein Heuchler und es ist das allererste Mal, dass ich ein Comment auf einer Website zurücklasse, aber muss ich dir danken..

    Ich muss bis morgen ein Referat vorbereiten, dein “Artikel” hier hat mir ziemlich geholfen.
    Daher würde ich gerne fragen, ob ich diesen Blogpost als Quelleanngabe nutzen kann?

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