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Our Winter Vacation

Winter is coming to an end and the snow is melting fast now. Much of the northern hemisphere is done for the season, and at the few mountains still running lifts, there’s not much to be had except for sunburns and puddle slashing.  While in many areas, the 2013/2014 snow season could only be described as “weaksauce”, that it didn’t stop Freebord riders from all over the world from shredding the fluffy stuff when the gettin’ was good. Here are a few highlights from our powdery exploits this season:

Team rider Caleb Casey had a huge season in Utah, bagging cliff drops and hucking his signature laid out backflip:

FRA deja vu anyone?  Caleb won the 2013 FRA ramp competition at the Freebord factory by busting the same trick…four times…while chugging a PBR.  I guess the judges in Montana are just as partial to his inverted steeze, because our boy took home first place at the Cold Smoke Freeride Competition held at Lost Trail Powder Mountain.

Caleb accepts his first place prize. Photo: Bridget Fabel


Over in the Swiss alps, Freebord team rider and 2013 Standout of the Year, Pierre Lickenheld got his share of the pow pow, too.   According to Freebord Suisse, “We don’t took a brake for Freebording in Lausanne! Freebord All Year!!!”   Looks like that didn’t stop his from boosting this roof gap at his local resort:


Here in sunny California, our local resorts are all but deserted.  We got much less than the average annual snowfall, but just when we thought the season was going to be a total bust, mother nature gave us a late-season storm for the ages, with 4 feet of snow falling in under a week.  Better late than never, team rider Daniel R Clay was gettin’ at it with this steezy powdery tree ride:

Photo: Dan Buggy


DRC and I also made this little powder edit in March if you missed it.  Finally, I will leave you with a screen grab from the last of our amazing powder days in Tahoe.  Faceshots for days!

With Freebord season coming into full swing in the next few months, you won’t hear any of us belly-aching over the long wait for next Winter.  With rides going down all over the world, new photos and videos being released, and the Spread the Shred tour right around the corner, it’s never off-season in the Freeworld.  Just the opposite.  The 2014 Freebord season is ON!


Progression and innovation is what drives us. Through years of evolution and rider driven design, Freebord has engineered a setup that rides exactly like a snowboard on pavement.

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  • Ben Mousley says:

    Freebord Pro Riders walking off with snow competition prizes says it all! Never an off-season means keeping your skills sharp all year round. So the resorts are closing, so what. Lets Go Snowboard the Streets!

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