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Alright guys, the Fresh Cut video competition is back and better than ever. For those of you who don’t know what the competition is here is a little breakdown.

Fresh Cut’s is a team competition, in which 2 Freeborders try and create the sickest one minute long raw clip as possible.  The clips will then go through a preliminary screening in which the top 8 will be chosen and matched up head-to-head against other clips.  The key to winning the competition is creativity, showcase that unique pinner run in your home spot, then end it with that sick gap you’ve been wanting to hit.  This is your chance to rep your spot and show the Freebord community what you got.

Once the top 8 have been named, the videos will be paired into head-to-head battles in which everyone can vote on via Facebook, Google+, etc.  The team with the most votes, wins and advances to the next round, until only one remains.  We will be updating the Fresh Cut bracket after each round so be sure to keep checking out the blog to keep up.

Here is the previous Fresh Cut winner




– All videos must be related to Freebord.
– Submit your best raw un-edited Freebord run- (“Single Clip” Example above)
– Video submissions must be less than or equal to 1 minute.
– You may submit as many videos as you want, but all videos must be in no later than 11:59pm PST on May 16st, 2014. Only one of your videos may be chosen for the top 8 .
– All videos must be hosted on YouTube and tagged as: Freebord Fresh Cut – Rider & Filmer Name MM/DD/YY of Entry].

Then email a link to the video to [email protected] by May 16th, 2014.

Please include your name and contact info in the email.

Winners take home 2 sets of Da Blues and 2 hats. 



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