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This weeks ” DIRK VIDEA-REVIEW” is on

“That Video”

“That Video” is from 2007 , it was made by and heavily features Bob “Ganoosh” Glashan. At that time, one of the most prevalent freestyle riders to ever touch a Freebord. I will say without a doubt he majorly influenced me as a rider.  This video especially was something I watched more times then I can count as a youngin’. The silly-epic song is burned into my brain forever. 

So that being said check it out 

My Review 

First thing I notice is my nostalgia made me believe this video was like 5 mins.. but its actually a quick 1:11?! I guess I just watched it a million times so it seemed longer? I’m a big believer of short an sweet but this video was too short! 

The intro always cracks me up to this one with Bob’s “Going up, then down“. In hind sight seems like a silly, unneeded insert, but at the time it was instantly quotable. Just like the final shot where Bob has his hissy fit about “breaking the f@#k out of his deck” . I think we can all agree Bob has some of the most quotable outburst in Freebord history.. Que wheel spinning then stopping makes a good video quote here. 

All antics aside, there is some crazy shots in here for this era of Freebording. I mean at :46 when Dan Musik jumps the car, that was some unheard of sending for those days. Also Bobs 3rd and Army shots were pretty dope as well. I mean dudes were on s1 bindings and alpha trucks! How many of you new riders even know what those look like?? I tried to ride a set of s1s one time just because Bob was so die hard about them, and I hated them! 

Over all this video was game changer for its day and I feel we all should take time to rewatch it every couple of years to see how far we have come and where we came from.

What did you think of “That Video”? Do you Remember when Bob Dropped it? Leave a comment below and let us know! 

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