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Braille Skateboarding VS a Freebord

Hello my fellow shred heads, DRC here to tell you about a couple videos our new friends over at Braille Skateboarding released recently featuring us and our boards!

The first video is an introduction to a Freebord by the Braille team boys.

We decided to send a couple rippers of our own so we could give them a little tutorial. 

Tim Seward, Kolby Osbourne, Bently Anderson, and team rider Caleb Casey.



Its a good watch even just seeing the Braille dudes trying to figure out what the hell is going on. But then you get the extra bonus of seeing our boys throw down. (Someone please tell me the last time you saw Bently jib anything on a Freebord?!). Also like always the boys from Utah bring the heat. 

The second video is a game of SKATE put on by the Braille team. 



These guys genuinely duke it out, pushing each other beyond what they want to do. They actually show quite a bit of progression along the way.  Although its funny, you can see they understand jumping motions from being skateboarders. But when they slide a bit, all hell would break loose because they don’t understand edge control. Still, solid tricks even for people who already Freebord. 

Check out the Braille Skateboarding Youtube for more of their boarding shenanigans. 


Daniel R Clay

I like riding boards and diggin' crystals

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    I am interested in the concept of that prototype that was on their video. How long has that been in the works?

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