san francisco

February 18, 2016

True Life || The Steepest Streets in San Francisco

Measuring The Steeps It's difficult to articulate, in any medium, the hair-raising steepness of San Francisco's streets.  While scaling these beasts, I often find myself awestruck by the sheer audacity of the engineers (sorry). Filbert St. is often billed (incorrectly) as the steepest street in San Francisco. I've shredded and crashed…
November 12, 2015

FRA 2015 Weekend Recap Video

The Freebord Rider Awards this year were a blast. We started it off with a SF ride followed by our favorite city taco truck catering endless burritos. Once we got up to South Lake Tahoe, we partied in a mansion until the cops showed up. Obviously that was not going…
January 27, 2015

Boro Center Wheels – Ft. Ryan Thomas

Last week, Ryan Thomas and I hit the streets of downtown San Francisco to break in a pair of the new "Boro" Center Wheels Freebord developed. We hopped in the Dethbox, drove to the Tenderloin, loaded the meter with quarters, and stacked clips around the neighborhood until our 2 hour…
May 8, 2014


Last week, Mike Hoppe, Jonathan Mageerson & I (Matt Reyes) hopped in the Freebord Van and lurked around the neighborhoods in search of uncharted terrain. We rode a few different spots before we came across this mellow hill that was freshly paved. We pulled into an alley, put the van…
April 7, 2014


Last week Mike Hoppe & I took the Dethbox around San Francisco in search of some uncharted terrain. I spent most of the time filming, but managed to catch a couple of photos in-between shots. You can pick up one of our new Freebord Brush T's HERE.
Freebord Christmas Savings
December 17, 2013

Freebord Days of Savings

Freebord Days of Savings   Keeping in the holiday spirit as promised - our next Christmas savings is here! For one day only we'll be offering FREE ground shipping on all orders within the US (excluding Alaska & Hawaii, sorry guys). Any order placed on Tuesday, December 17th that chooses "UPS…
December 3, 2013

Freebord Fanmail

Here at Freebord we love getting fanmail from riders and fans across the globe, especially when they let us know how awesome we are :) Shout out to Freebord rider Mauricio from Kelowna, BC for this great letter - we'll be sending some Freebord swag your way! Stoked Customer Have…