freebord germany

November 11, 2015

Epic Pfingsten Freebord Video

We've been sitting on one of the most awesome videos from one of Freebording's most epic events, so without further ado, here's Brian with the intro! “In 2014 Freebord Germany hosted it's annual Riding Event, Pfingsten 2014, and it marked a decade of throwing parties at the Freebord Ranch. The…
May 6, 2010

Freebord Germany Pfingsten Ride 2010

Freebord Germany Pfingsten Ride 2010 May 21st - May 24th Stuttgart, Germany One of the largest and most epic Freebord events of the year is here again - Freebord Germany's annual ride-a-palooza at the ranch in Stuttgart. Brian's got a great weekend planned for all attending, with beer, burgers, demo…