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Spread the Shred Germany 2017

Some riders just get plain lucky.  That’s what I call it when you get to go to Germany for Spread the Shred.  Strassenkinder (“Street Kids” for all you Anglophones) took a long weekend and got to shred some of the best spots in Germany and Luxembourg as a full crew. Not only did these lucky bord dogs get to ride 15-deep in beautiful Europe, they spent a whole day at an off-season ski resort, so they got to shred with the luxury of a ski-lift!  Talk about a dream come true. Top it off with free camping in gorgeous Luxembourg, and you’ve got one of the best STS events all season!

Dave had this to say: It was a great time! We had three full days of shredding with really cool riders from Germany, Switzerland, and Luxembourg. Can’t wait for next year’s event!  Check out his photos below:

(You can check out the full album here)

Hunter Pawlaczyk

Moved from Vermont to California in 2014, started at Freebord Mfg in March 2017. Freeborder, snowboarder, longboarder, hop enthusiast.

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