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April 18, 2017

May 2017 – Spread The Shred Stops

So here's the official rundown of the confirmed dates for the month of May. Check back in for more updates on Spread the Shred stops. MAY 6  Melbourne, Australia MAY 7  Auckland, New Zealand Atlanta, Georgia MAY 20  Olympus, Greece Auburn, CA MAY 21  Osaka, Japan MAY 27  Czech Republic United Kingdom
April 20, 2015

What Happened in Vegas

Flashback to October, 2012: The Freebord Rider Awards were in full swing as almost 100 riders and friends from around the world gathered in Las Vegas for our big annual party and awards show. Those who weren't nursing hangovers from the night before were well on their way to epic…
February 2, 2015

Our Part of the World

There are very few sports in the world that can indiscriminately bring together people like Freebord can. From one corner of the globe to another, Freebord crews are sprouting up onto the scene. Through digital media, they are banding together to share each other's videos, pictures and even general discussions.…