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There are very few sports in the world that can indiscriminately bring together people like Freebord can. From one corner of the globe to another, Freebord crews are sprouting up onto the scene. Through digital media, they are banding together to share each other’s videos, pictures and even general discussions. Even language barriers cannot dissuade the passion with which we share our experiences through digital media. So strong and unique is our fervour for Freebording that our varying cultures cannot get in the way of our simple goal, to bomb hills.
The opportunity to travel to another country and be greeted so enthusiastically is what puts Freebord ahead of other sports. Although the community is growing, our common interest is still quite Indy. There are enough Freeborders that when travelling around the world (with enough preparation) you will more than likely find a few couches to crash on. Even if you don’t, jumping onto the Freebord forum or Facebook group should be enough to put you in touch with people who are keen to shred.

Your skill level does not matter; you can help local newbies tackle simple toe-side and heel-side slides whilst you perfect that over-slide grab you have been working on. Or you can look for the meanest looking son-of-a-B!#%H hill they have to offer. You may also be able to coax newer riders into tackling bigger hills, leading by example.
Freebord_RhysRourke_OurPartOfTheWorld_6Most people will at least be willing to show you the local hot spots and give you a run down on traffic, places to try nearby and an estimate on how many rides you will get in before the police rock up.

You may be surprised to meet some riders who can open your eyes to completely new styles of skating. From smooth riders to those who centre-line, there is an assortment of ways to board, and witnessing these styles first-hand can change your own for the better.
The global sense of community is what really stands out in this sport, an innate passion that resides with everyone. Whether it’s because you love snowboarding and that love passes into Freebording, or if your heart lies on the hot tarmac. We all indulge in that thrill of bombing hills and shredding wheels. And when your legs are dead from walking up hills all day, you’re dehydrated because there is no time to smash water, and you can’t wait to get home and pass out on the couch, fellow Freeborders will gladly chill with you and talk shop until your eyes cannot stay open any longer.


Rhys Rourke

I come from a land down under, with cheddar roads and long summers. Do you want some Vegemite?

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