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Snowboard that doesn’t need snow

By November 21, 2008May 19th, 20148 Comments

Congrats Adam and Freebord Poland for securing this feature in a major Polish newspaper, Gazeta Wyborcza. Read below for the translation…

Snowboard that doesn’t need any snow
by Agnieszka Drabikowska

They love snowboarding and they were looking for something which could substitute it in the summertime. They’ve found it.

Widoma Mountain, 392.3 meters above the sea level, Swietokrzyskie Province. Good asphalt, almost no traffic, numbers of houses end on 20. From the distance they look like they’re sliding on the snow. Because the Freebord board, though it resembles a skateboard, has nothing in common with it. Four wheels placed on long trucks replace snowboard edges. Owing to them they can carve. In addition to these there are two wheels in the middle which rotate by 360 degrees.

“They work as a base in snowboard. Therefore we can control the speed, go down in unlimited directions and stop exactly in the same way as on snowboard. Perceives and feeling of freedom are the same. Even one day some elder lady accosted me and astonished she said: – You look like you would ride on the snow, but there is summer indeed! – Andrzej Gadkowski from Kielce explains with passion.

His friend from Los Angeles told him about this new sport. – “One day I was grumbling to him about Polish short winters, there is no snow and no place to ride. He responded that he had seen there on TV some guys riding on the streets as on the snow. I brought the board from the USA and it just began.” – he says fastening the board.

Robert: “Freebord gives me so much freedom. It doesn’t depend on weather conditions, you needn’t to pay for any lifts and you can ride practically everywhere.”

Tomek Kuzmierz is a manager of information technology in a big bank in Cracow. On June 4th he came to Widoma together with his wife in order to take the first steps in Freebord. They were looking for a sport which would give them as much joy as their beloved snowboard. They tried surfing, but they agreed that it won’t substitute snowboarding.

In Widoma, Tomek has caught the bug: “This board won’t get outside of my car boot so far. Now I can go somewhere with out my wife, but never without my Freebord.”

Tomasz Urbanski, the President of Polish Snowboard Association, has heard about riding on Freebord. “Snowboarding emerged just from skateboard, and Freebord is like a successive stage of the snowboard’s evolution. If this sport makes snowboard fans happy we should only be glad of that, by all means we support such initiatives. I haven’t tried Freebord myself, but if I have a chance I will do it for sure” he declares.


Progression and innovation is what drives us. Through years of evolution and rider driven design, Freebord has engineered a setup that rides exactly like a snowboard on pavement.


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