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Snowboard Magazine Poland

By March 23, 2011May 19th, 20144 Comments

Great article in Snowboard Magazine Poland about Freebord. (Very) roughly translated below. Thanks Adam!

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Freebord – Slides on Asphalt

Anticipating your response that we shouldn’t stray too far from our main subject, SNOWBOARD, we would like to gently point out that the winter does not last forever. Alas! And it is slowly, inevitably, coming to the end of this season now. Some will be lucky to go to a summer camp, but most await the melancholy remembrance of the past season. There are a few ideas that claim to re-create the same feel of a snowboard. Some are far from ideal, others seem to be … quite the thing. Freebord is likely to become the leader of this latter group.

Freebord resembles a large skateboard, longboard, or rather, under which are four-wheel mounted on the tracks long, with a pitch greater than the board. Besides the classical, longboard equipment Freebord has two additional wheels, which are placed in the axis of the board and rotate 360 degrees. They act as slide snowboard, allowing you to control speed and stop in such a way as is done in the snow. When the rider moves his weight on one side (frontside and backside) wheels are not touching the opposite edge of the deck and the board may begin the slide and reduce speed. As a result, the rider can go in every twist of sliding ones, regulating downhill speed, braking, changing direction (going to switch), or going purely on the “edge” with a twist cut. Freebord has bindings, which is another distinctive feature of it from the longboard skateboard or a snowboard. However, in contrast to the snowboard bindings, freebord bindings do not block completely and allow the rider rate at any time, to jump off the board. Nevertheless, adequately control, allow rider much faster and safer to change the edge, also allow greater pressure edge, whether in turn or braking. Additionally the freebord deck, due to its design, never falls into speed wobbles and even at high speed is stable and fully controlled.

Freebord production began in San Francisco at the Freebord Manufacturing warehouse. Needless to say that the company is right above the ocean, gentle breezes swept and sun rays, so that the traditions associated with the formation of mythical sneak peak from California had been done ;). Freebord Manufacturing offers different series of boards. Each series is designed for downhill steep hills with full control and stability, and to engage in freestyle, the boards are very light. They are suitable for riders of any weight and height. Decks are made from seven-ply Canadian maple and bamboo.

You can argue whether freebording is just summer snowboarding, or perhaps a new, equally fascinating, alternative sport. However, the best is check it out yourself. See videos on:

Even the best pictures do not reflect the exhilaration of riding freebord with the wind in your hair. Speaking of hair – we recommend the use of helmets.

The young Polish freebord community is growing rapidly.





Progression and innovation is what drives us. Through years of evolution and rider driven design, Freebord has engineered a setup that rides exactly like a snowboard on pavement.


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