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Sam Trowbridge: The Boy From Oz

By June 17, 2008May 19th, 201412 Comments

Freebord Team Rider Profile

Name: Sam Trowbridge
Location: The Wild fuckin’ West(ern Australia)

Freebord setup – what do you ride? Mainly a Revolt 75 at the moment

Your best Freebord move: Feel like a bit of a twat saying what my ‘best’ Freebord move is, but probably my quick 3’s or press pivot presses.

Influences in life? Weed, speed metal, liquor and beer! (Only Duncs will get that..) But in all seriousness, I’ve got a bunch.. freebording being one of them!

If you could have any company sponsor to go along with Freebord who would it be? Vans shoes for sure.. I’m a bit of a sneaker fiend and Vans are my favourite.

Worst bail? I never seem to have any spectacular bails.. I always fall doing stupid/simple shit. Probably one of the worst though was riding a golf course path out in the hills with Luke and Macca though. I kept gaining speed, but the path was so lumpy that if I had have tried to slide I would have caught an edge and a tight corner was rapidly approaching. I was going too fast to take the corner, so I jumped off and tried to run it out, but was going too fast to run and ended up diving/falling into a bush and getting fucked up on the branches. Worst part was, it wasn’t on camera!

Duncs: jackass or genius? Clearly both! Best dude though..

Your favorite Freebord rider out there? I don’t have a favourite. I dig certain people’s styles and things they’re doing, but I’m not gunna name drop.

Punk or hip hop? Both! Open your minds fooools!


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