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Rideaholic Results

By August 18, 2010May 19th, 201418 Comments

It was a really tough decision (and we mean it this time), as all the entries for Rideaholic were effing hilarious in their own right. In the end, the Utah crew took it for the original song, beer pong acrobatics and Bra Bra Den’s overall capacity for alcohol antics.

First Place: Utah Crew

Second Place: Aachen Connection + Belgian Connection

Third Place: Colorado Crew

Really amazing job everyone, you totally exceeded our expectations on this one. For those that didn’t win, don’t despair! Everyone who submitted will receive a limited edition Rideaholic tshirt, lovingly adorned with the face of the OG rideaholic, DubC Rider.


Progression and innovation is what drives us. Through years of evolution and rider driven design, Freebord has engineered a setup that rides exactly like a snowboard on pavement.


  • Ctanner says:

    shit is awsome lol

  • Iron Hayden says:

    That’s right bitches! PREESH!

  • Kris with a K says:

    NO WAYYYY!!!!!!!

    That must have been a hard vote, as I thought the Germans were likely taking the title for sure! Congrates to everyone, and thank you Freebord for the sick contest!!!!!!!!

  • Dane says:

    The Mormons won!!!! muahasshkhskjgkajshhhhahahhaha…. sorry i had too

  • BanzaiMunk says:

    I will aim to drink at Mormon-caliber from here on out. I must have gotten fourth place.

  • Braden says:

    Funny t-shirt.

    I too thought the German vid could have easily taken this.

    Thanks Freebord and hopefully there will be another next year.

  • cielo says:

    that t shirt is sick and the top 3 were all drunken mastery, I thought the germans had it easy before seing the other vids: it ended up pretty close.

    but if there was a tie for first Financialy it makes way more sense to keep the prize stateside where slashers have half the price and the crews are 2 to 3 times smaller

  • Johnfreebordertn says:

    Sweet can’t wait to Preesh the Tee! I thought the Germans were going to win but The freestyle from the Utah video was sick.

  • Trevor says:

    Great vids! Much respect! At the risk of sounding like a hippy. I hope they picked those cans up. Don’t destroy what you came to enjoy.

  • Braden says:

    We picked like 90% of the cans up. I know of at least 2 falls where the cans hit the ground and bounced into unknown territory.

  • dogger says:

    best shirt ever

  • jibunAt says:

    the shirts dooope! we gonna get to pick sizes?

  • mike d says:

    hahahah oh my god that shirt is hillarious!

    Props to Utah, good work boys. German video was great too. We had a lot of fun filming ours as well, thanks to everyone involved!

  • ron says:


    aachen should have def won this contest!!!!!!!!! tzeeeeses!!!

  • low-rent says:

    Preesh that teeeeeeeeee ! hahaha, sooo fxxkin funny !!

  • Spare says:

    That shirt is definetly sick.. Disagree with the results but its all goood yo, How can you win a ridaholic contest drinking 3-2 beer??? Unless they snuck into the CO for some real beer, haha, jk good vids, good times.

  • zonged420 says:

    ya dope shit guys. good job to every1 in all the vids i enjoyed them all. they each had there own cool feel to them. i liked the shot refilling ur drinks from the back of the car in the second place vid. looked like a fun time riding and drinking. and wut a preeesh shirt!!!! fun contest

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