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All the Curves Men Like

By August 23, 2010May 19th, 201415 Comments

Check out our video from the trip to Switzerland for Lucern Represent Tour. Featuring riders Jon Ehm, Nico Gaillard, Bentley Anderson, Rémy Verhaegh, Arnaud Blin and more.


Progression and innovation is what drives us. Through years of evolution and rider driven design, Freebord has engineered a setup that rides exactly like a snowboard on pavement.


  • scrub says:

    gnar gap is gnar

  • cielo says:

    after that catastrophe, pretty cool vid that one part is like faces of death for me…i am gonna go up there with a slege hammer and take care of business

  • holdfasthope says:

    Great video, you guys have some nice roads.

  • Mammothrider says:

    Funky fresh!

  • BanzaiMunk says:

    Maybe you guys do not need my clinic.

  • 719THCsteez says:

    Great vid! love the high speed clips

  • Johnfreebordertn says:

    Was that the bail that hurt your spine? Looked pretty bad but unfortunately dude didn’t get all of it, seems to happen on all the worst bails. Hope your healing up well! Super smooth riding/editing and Wicked hills!

    • cielo says:

      do you think i am jon ehm? my bail looked like the guy who flew off the track in the olympics (well ten times less bad) but that bail from john is funny i think he was laughing, i doubt serious or hurtfull….

  • vega says:

    arnaud chargin. such a sick shot.

  • Jerry says:

    Hey guys!!

    Good vid! I just find it strange that a switzerland represent tour is exclusively made by guys from france in german part of switzerland and that they are some good riders in this part, just think to Gvenwael (i don’t want to implicate him in what i am saying) you could maybe ask the locals!? We know good spots in our country, don’t worry for us!!

    It’s not personal things at all, and you are all real good riders but what : “Luzern Represent Tour”?

    Out of that i’m back from my trip in Asia and i’ll be glad to ride with you again soon!

    • Arnaud says:

      1. You werent here to represent. Only a few riders from swiss came (gwenael was here)
      2. This is not the official video of RT Lucern, read before you post “video from our trip to swiss”
      3. U get mad because we ride your spots ? Sorry we are french we shoulndt even be allowed to enter your country. Shitty attitude.

      You re back from asia ? Go ride and start a crew and be there at 2011 swiss represent.

      • cielo says:

        1) why did you not come or answer nto your invites or e-mail jerry?
        2) what the hell if that ain’t the official video of luzern rep tour..??? who has other footy? and will make a better vid?
        3)half the video almost was shot in french Lausanne

        200) keep in touch jerry!

    • jW8 says:

      every time we do something in the french part of switzerland, the swiss germans complain. now we do something in the german part of switzerland, and the swiss french complain?!? haha, we can’t win!!

  • marian says:

    awesome video and riding!! whoot!

  • Jerry says:

    hey sorry guys! be cool please! i am really happy something happend in german part, absolutely no problem ,

    “3. U get mad because we ride your spots ? Sorry we are french we shoulndt even be allowed to enter your country. Shitty attitude.”

    and of course i never say it’s my country and no body can ride it!!! I just never will come and make a Paris represent tour!!!

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