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Hiro Mag

By July 3, 2008May 19th, 20146 Comments

Hiro Magazyn, a sweet Polish magazine on art, music, culture and action sports included a feature on Freebord in their June issue. Awesome 4-page spread with color pics of Hoppe, Tim, Elijah Teter and Chris Rotax – plus a half page article on the Freebord ride. Thanks Adam for the translation!

I’ve wondered so many times what is the summer equivalent for snowboarding? I was thinking among the other things about mountainboard, but it wasn’t that great. Why? The answer is simple, but it still isn’t well-known in Poland – Freebord, a new board on our home market for snowboarding in summer on the streets.

Freebord is a board which lets you feel on the streets the same way as on the snow-covered slopes somewhere in the high Alps. Its construction was made that way to imitate sliding, stopping, carving, and other things you can do riding the simple snowboard.

How to ride on it and why is it better than longboard and mountainboard?
Full speed control. The outer wheels in Freebord work like the edges in snowboard, giving you the full control over speed and let you ride down even in the steepest streets.

Ride on the switch. When the outer wheels imitate the edges of the snowboard, the central wheels work like the p-tex base that lets you do sliding. It easily let us pass from one edge to another with sliding or riding on the switch.

Stopping. When you want to stop on snowboard you push the edge. Do exactly the same to stop on Freebord.

I know, reading the article, it seems to be so easy for those ones riding on snowboard, but I ensure you that even if you ride on the board it will take you about 3 days to learn how to ride on Freebord, similarly to learn snowboarding.

When you conclude that you want to have fun with Freebord the basic matter is to find a good place. It lets you learn so quick. A smooth pavement is the best, without holes, crests or bumps. Wide streets without traffic, with a small slope enough to get some speed would be perfect. Remember to wear pads on your knees, elbows, wrists and of course a helmet.

Never ride on the center wheels, because then the board is not stable. You must always keep your body weight on the upper edge. When you learn how to ride you will feel what comes the real good fun in the city streets. Nowadays, in Poland more and more people are getting to know what Freebord is and what it consists of.

More information concerning Freebord you can read in There you can also watch some videos with riders from the USA, which I hope encourage you, even only for trying it.


Progression and innovation is what drives us. Through years of evolution and rider driven design, Freebord has engineered a setup that rides exactly like a snowboard on pavement.


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