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On the last weekend of September former team rider Daniel R Clay (DRC) hosted an event called the:

Hillbilly Slopestyle

As a young boy growing up in the cuts of Tennessee, DRC dreamed about having enough Freebord friends to build a course that would suit his idea for the direction of the sport. Well now that young Daniel has grown into a youthful adult with facial hair, his dream came somewhat true all while staying within his budget.. DRC spent the last few months preparing all the different hillbilly features for this event mostly all by himself. Gathering materials from different houses he worked on to the resort he rides at.

I made several phone calls to share words such as…..
“That don’t seem like a good idea”
“That could be funny”
Fast forward several weeks and we got our selves an outlaw event in Kyburz, California. Big thanks for all the folks who came to ride, spectate, and hydrate. As well as the companies that kicked in prizes:

Sacred State Design, Entitlement Urethane, Third Eye CO, and Monster Energy

Enjoy this video of the shenanigans.


1st place: Daniel Clay

2nd place: Kolby Osborne

3rd place: Caleb Casey

Stay tuned for more Freebord Events in the future!


Bently Anderson

I was in need of an after school activity and discovered Freebord.

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