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Hey ya’ll, DRC here!

Today is going to be the first in a blog series I’m starting called DIRK VIDEA-REVIEWS. Each week I will find a new Freebord video or dig up an old video, and share it with you! Then I’ll give you my 100% honest review on the riding, video editing, or whatever I find notable. Feel free to leave your opinion’s in the comments below.

For the inaugural post of this series, I’ve chosen a video that caught my attention recently.

BACK & FORTH 2018 a season recap from one of my favorite frenchies in the game, Quentin Streum.

Check it out


My first impression is simply WOW! And lemme tell ya’.. these days it’s hard to make a Freebord video that I find compelling enough to watch uninterrupted, let alone multiple times. Every time I’ve rewatched this video I find something else to love about it.

First thing that stands out to me is STYLE; I’ve been watching Quentin’s skill develop for quite awhile now, and he has gotten so damn clean. Secondly would be the bag of tricks this dude has. I would pay good money to see him, Jordi, and Luke Miller battle it out in a game of BORD. His combos alone would make him a major contender. Personally, as a freestyle guy, it’s hard for me to give his downhill game a proper critique, but it was not over shadowed by his jibs.

 Fluidity on all aspects is EXTREMELY hard, but dagnabit, you nailed it brother!

Also, not to be over-looked, would be the awesome edit and attention to details with the cartoon overlays. Very ninja-psychedelic, and you know your boy Dirk is all about the trippy-dippy art.

I could really only find one negative, and I think that it is incredibly challenging for every person that’s ever tried to spin a over a 360 on a Freebord. It’s his/our arm positioning while doing large spins off kickers. That’s why many snowboarders grab while doing spins over 360, because it cleans up your body posture. I am just as guilty as the next guy, even on a snowboard of getting “huck arms”.  But, I honestly think the size of jumps we hit on average is just big enough to have the air to do a clean 360, let alone 5 or above. So….maybe we start building bigger kickers?? Who’s down for the wooden 30 ft table top or step down jump? Count me in.

Thanks for reading, leave a comment below, let us know what you thought of this video.

Until next time!



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