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Hello my dinguses and lady dinguses,

DRC here with another DIRK VIDEA-REVIEW

This week I’m going to be writing a review on one of the highest production quality videos of last year from our friends across the ocean Seb Jam and Pierre Linckenheld.

“Dr.O in Switzerland”


Ok so lets get right into this, first thing, I feel like for such a over the top production, the title could’ve been a bit more creative. Like  “Project O-no-you didn’t” or “Get busy Ol-living or get busy Ol-dying”

Also, side note, not sure what his PHD would be in?? Possibly it’s in being impatient, or maybe he’s a failed avian veterinarian, because thats the only two traits I could figure out about the character itself?

Im not sure if you can simply classify this as a Freebord video either, more of a theme video featuring extreme sports, one of which happens to be a Freebord. 

It was quite the adventure to experience though, LOTS of attention to detail when it comes to the overall delivery. The cuts and establishing shots were on point. Lovely scenery, and high quality captures. One of my favorites is the tunnel shot. The production quality was way above most videos featuring Freebords you’ll ever see. Also the editing was top notch.

Although I’m still wondering what that bench was doing in the middle of a run way.. seems like a hazard to landing planes.. Perhaps flight regulations are different in Switzerland? It did hit me in the feels though, made me think of Forrest Gump sitting on a bench talking about the correlation between life and chocolate treats.

The few shots we did get of Pierre Freebording were smooth and buttery as always. Guy has great down hill style. Maybe some of the best? But like, dude.. we get it, you can ride a hill while holding a foreign object! 

The car chase was a nice touch, but I feel it would have been cooler if the guy in the car was against Pierre’s quest to deliver the olive. Could have made for a more compelling chase. Although realistically he would’ve been splattered in a second cause you know… cars have engines… But maybe we could’ve gotten a cool “Dablues style jump off the road” shot out of it. Also if thats your partner in this why did you let him follow you so long?? The driver was probably like “Alright quit show-boating and get your ass in the car”. Or maybe a quick fly-by hand-off from Pierre to the driver at full speed would’ve been a cooler shot.

I feel like this video is filled with inside jokes none of us understand.. or maybe I’m just a dumb American that doesn’t get euro-humor? Also personally I think martinis and olives are gross, so, I have a bias on this entire concept.

Overall this was a nicely executed video, with high quality content through out. The premise could’ve been more satisfying, but the punch line of satire did defuse it’s climatic seriousness. 

Thats it for this weeks Videa-Review, check in next week for another one!


Please note my reviews are meant to be read with humor and do not reflect the views of Freebord MFG as a company
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