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Whatsup Freeworld!! I could have wrote a super long detailed post about this trip, but decided making a video would be better. This is more of a behind the scenes perspective of our trip, and the video is a bit on the longer side coming in at 30 minutes. So grab some popcorn or whatever else you like to indulge in while watching videos, and enjoy the US Freebord team taking on some CHOE!

Hope you enjoyed that! Cant wait to go back!! This is also the debut video for my YouTube channel getting fired back up. I will be posting content like this at least once a week going forward. So subscribe to my YouTube Channel and follow me on instagram @cloosearrow for more videos and day to day behind the scenes Freebord stuff. Leave a comment about anything you would like to see in particular. Also, if you think you can flip eggs better than me, definitely post a video and tag me in it #eggflipchallenge

Corey Lucero

Going down hills on six wheels for more than a decade. Freeborder for life. I'm not paranoid, but you might catch me looking over my shoulder while sliding.

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