June 28, 2011

The Kids Know

Pomme d'Api (a French magazine for 3-7 year old kids) makes sure that their kids know the good riding locations at the youngest age. It was prety cool to see a freeborder dropping Lombard Street with a skateboarder, roller, scooter and segway (haha!)
May 26, 2011

Who Dat?

Police Blotter Edition: Police Stop Skateboarders A passerby told the police on Saturday afternoon that they had seen several young men on skateboards repeatedly riding the access road down from the castle Hohenzollern. The police discovered about 20 young men at the lower parking lot of the castle. In the…
April 8, 2011

New Vid from Loaded: Too Much

via Boardistan: Watching this little Orangatang clip almost made us want to go bomb some hills. Then the little dance at the end reminded us of why we have never really embraced the whole longboard scene.