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February 3, 2010


...finally decided to drive the street view car down Irwin and got a few shots of the Freebord Factory. The Bean, FJ, Vino and Mazda all made it in the snap... represent! View Larger Map
February 2, 2010

Corporations That Run Snowboarding

Illicit Snowboarding blog has an interesting post on the money trail in the snowboarding industry, and which corporations own what brands. The idea for this came from the forum on Yobeat and some lad called Andrew Nagel, aka ‘GnarBuckets’... Anyway this article answers GnarBuckets question “I was wondering if any…
November 5, 2009

Freebord Photo Contest

How many wheel kits is France getting? leave your guess as a comment. first to get it right (or closest without going over) wins a coupon good for a free lift ticket to select resorts all over the US!
October 14, 2009


Or so says this article, which he participated in as a favor to some friends of Freebord. Nice little shoutout for SOtY 2009 man! Read on to see what digital creatives Todd Crisman of Element79 and Organic's Sacha Reeb, along with 22-year-old Corey Lucero, a Maryland freeborder (a relatively new…
September 21, 2009

Freebord + Video Game =

Help us blow this shit up! Rate it and post comments on YouTube Post the link to your Facebook/MySpace page Email it to your favorite blogs and websites Post the link on your favorite forums Watch it over and over and over again