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Bently AndersonVideos
February 16, 2016

Portugal And SuperBock

Bently Anderson took a trip out to Portugal in the summer of 2014 and recently dropped this mixtape of an edit. Here is what he had to say about it. "In the summer of 2014 we had the opportunity to caravan on a major road trip through Portugal. Snowboard enthusiast…
Bently AndersonVideos
January 13, 2016

French Mountains video

Entitlement Urethane just dropped a new video from a trip they took out to France after being at the Lausanne Slope Style event. So sit back and enjoy 2 and a half minutes of downhill French Alp shredding. Edited by the penmanship master Bently Anderson so you know you won't regret it.
Bently AndersonMedia
November 3, 2015

To Austria and back

New video from Bently Anderson.   “We had the opportunity to visit a few amazing locations somewhere along the Austrian border. The scenery around this area was beyond amazing. Although it rained one afternoon, everyone still had a great time. Special thank you to Freebord Germany, Wulle Biere, & fritz-kola…
Bently AndersonVideos
July 11, 2015

Check Out Bently’s New Shreddit..

So as you may or may not know, Bently has been a busy boy. After leaving the Freebord team last year to pursue his own wheel company, Entitlement Urethane, he's been pushing out videos left and right. This latest video features two veteran riders Rems Verhaeghe and Naïm Chenguiti shredding…