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2014 FRA Official Video

So you’re bummed out because you missed last year’s rider awards, well fret no more we’ve got all the highlights in one beautifully edited video.

Our boy Adam Stanton filmed and edited this beast and it’s definitely one of the best rider awards highlights we’ve ever had.  Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments.


How to remove spacers and bearings


NFR Highlight Video

NFR has been an up-and-coming crew for so long, it’s safe to say they are now one of the top Freebord Crews in the world. In terms of riding and videos, these guys go so hard and consistently make dope videos.  Enjoy!


Mike Hoppe’s Super Smooth SlowMo Slide

User Submitted: Freebord Guatemala

Abinadi and Otto just submitted these majestic snaps of their local shred spots with the description: “Riding between two oceans in a land of volcanoes and exciting curves is just like having snow all year mix with eternal spring, thank you freebord.”


Also, bonus video included below:

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