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The Reel Mike

February 9, 2016

Freebord Light – Luke Miller

You may remember the Freebord Light series. A quick video showing off the smooth and the crunchy - the good and the bad - the cheddar and the beef. Freebord wiz-kid Luke Miller decided to make his own Freebord Light video. Not only can you see this guy get better…
Quentin MestreVideos
February 5, 2016

NFR – Winter Beats

The NFR crew is never disappointing when it comes to videos. This one came out a few months ago but it seems that it slipped past us. No worries though; this riding is timeless. Sit back and watch these dudes do some new French style shredding.
February 4, 2016

Freebord Chatter

"chatter is like snowboarding on a chunky patch of ice..." - Bently Anderson You may have read an older post titled (after one of our favorite TV shows) "Different Strokes For Different Folks" - In the post we do mention one of the pros of Freebording is that you do not…