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4ST Helmet Winner

By February 8, 2012May 19th, 2014One Comment

A few weeks ago we asked riders to tell us why they wear a helmet for a chance to win a free Triple Eight Brainsaver. We had a ton of great responses — 97 entries in all! — and have narrowed down the winner.

Congratulations to Dani for coming in with the winning comment! Dani, check your email inbox and get back to us with your helmet size and address!

Read Dani’s winning post below and don’t forget to follow us at and take your pledge to always wear a helmet.

Dani’s Reason:
“As a 10 year old I was bombing down a hill on my bike, tried to jump a curb but nicked it instead and was launched into a rough brick wall. I was wearing my helmet and was still knocked out cold. That was the day I received my first major concussion.

Ten years later snowboarding through the trees, I hopped out onto the groomed trail, caught my toe-side edge, over-corrected, caught heel side edge and went over backwards landing on the back of my head. I was again wearing a helmet yet I again received a major concussion. I think I was knocked out and somehow “woke up” about 1/4 mile down the slopes and around a corner. I still don’t know how I got there. To make a long story shorter, I got checked out at the ER hours later and the ER doc asked me why I wasn’t wearing a helmet. I told her that I was wearing a helmet and immediately her jaw dropped. Shortly after she told me that I probably would have fractured my skull and been in much worse shape, or dead, had I not been wearing it, although I still had a severe concussion. My symptoms lasted weeks and school was more challenging than ever before. I am to this day grateful to my helmets and NEVER ride without them.

Head injuries are dangerous and life threatening. They can be a “silent killer” progressing fast and presenting like nothing more than an annoying headache until it may be too late. Each time a head is hit damage can occur whether signs and symptoms are present or not and the more times one person is hit the more severe the damage becomes. Helmets can help disperse the forces to the skull and lessen the impact of crashing potentially reducing the damage to internal structures like the brain.

I wear my helmet because it has saved my life and I will continue to wear helmets forever!”


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