Here it is! The winners of the 2017 Freebord Rider Awards. Big shout out to everyone who dropped in and those that couldn’t slide through. I know you guys are itching to know what riders took the titles home so- here they are!

Rookie Of The Year


Lance Garcia – USA


Standout Of The Year


Erik Dana – BZ


Best Submitted Video


1.  David Schiotis & Luke Miller – “Push It” – USA

2. Andreas Hermanns – “WHATDAFOG” – DE

3. Yuhei Fuda – “European Blend”  – JP


Rider Of The Year


Quentin Mestre – FR

Congratulations to this year’s winners. We can’t wait to see what 2018 brings.


PSA – We are dropping the nominee videos from FRA tomorrow so make sure you check back in! You won’t want to miss them!



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