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Trick Tip of the Week: 50/50 Grind (almost)

By June 26, 2008May 19th, 201410 Comments

Only less then a year ago I started dialing in the 50/50 grind on a Freebord. Although it seems like a fairly hard trick to accomplish, after watching this footage you can see the grind is quite simple – once locked in it coasts like a rollercoaster. In this video of my attempt to hit the 18 stair ledge all I needed was my trucks to lock-in and I’d be on my way, but it didn’t happen until after the 4th try.

The first thing that went wrong was my speed; I was rolling way too fast into this ledge. The slight down lip at the edge of the set only increased my speed making me over shoot my placement of the front truck. Since the ledge is so narrow the front truck rolled over the other side putting me in a front board. Instantly the board stopped, and made me catch my backside edge tossing me upside down to the last 10 stairs. After 2 more attempts I realized that I was going into this with too much speed and locked in correctly on the 4th try. I “almost” made it even though I landed with my feet first I crumbled to the ground, so its back to the park for more practice.


Progression and innovation is what drives us. Through years of evolution and rider driven design, Freebord has engineered a setup that rides exactly like a snowboard on pavement.


  • Daniel says:

    Fuck! That was so close!

  • Kevin says:

    holy shit you took a beating and got up and kept trying i would quit after the first fall.

  • Kris says:

    soooo damn painful!

    I don’t get how you beat the shit out of yourself… and then go back and do it again, and again, and again!

  • Arthur says:

    Yea man. Your a machine to keep on going. It looks like you had it at the end, but you jumped out. Other then that it was super dope.

    Then again the other magic of this vid is that bob got all of the bails on tape. You know, when the bails are of this magnitude.

  • Tex says:

    Hes not wearing the tall T = his first mistake

  • tim says:

    the tall-t was the first mistake for sure..

    i’ll make a better 50/50 how-to this weekend

  • joeypader says:

    it looks to me like you needed to jump off at the end and compress harder. you kinda just rolled off and hit the ground going a little to fast. but nicely done tim.

    oh and what bob said “you gotta just not fall off it”. hilarious.

  • Mäx says:

    Tim that is the sickest shit i have ever seen on a freebord!!!


  • Keith says:

    you’re stupid.
    lets ride

  • Cudds says:

    Fuck that is so sick! I use to be a machine…it caught up with me though. I want to see the clip you land!!

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