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Tom Sturtevant, the man behind Tioemm¬†showed up to our Spread The Shred stop in Portland Oregon to shake hands and say what’s up to the team. Here’s a photo of him holding one of his latest designs before we made the trek up the hill to drop. Tom wasn’t able to stay for the whole ride, but he did buy a round of drinks for everyone at the bar later that night, and for that, we thank you. This may be the first time most of us met Tom, but it most certainly won’t be the last. We’re going to need to plan another trip north in the near future.

Until then, check out this video that he put out last month trying an experimental gravity board he put together. It’s unconventional design reminds me of something you’d find packages rolling across at the postal office. Although it didn’t quite work once it hit the hills, it’s trial and error like this that got Freebord where it is today. Check out more of his videos HERE.

Matt Reyes

I'm strong like Gahndi, smart like Snooki, trusting like the police, tan like David Hasselhoff, slick like sandpaper, conventional like Dennis Rodman, and handsome like Sloth from the goonies. I'm a cat aficionado, powered by coffee who spends most of his time surfing the internet or your friend's empty couch. When I'm not sitting at my desk here at Freebord, I'm out riding my bike, thinking about pizza, or riding my bike while thinking about pizza.

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