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What’s up Freebord world? Luke Miller here with my first ever blog post! Last summer I had the opportunity to travel to France and Switzerland with the rest of the Freebord professional team. Along the way, I captured many behind the scenes moments on my iPhone and GoPro. I compiled all of my personal, behind the scenes footage, and created a four part video series that takes viewers through the whole entire trip chronologically.


Part one begins with me picking up David Bickett and flying out of LAX. This was my first time every being on a plane, and it was a long flight. Once we landed in France, David and I met up with the rest of the team and had a chill session at a small neighborhood skatepark. After that. we called it a night and spent the next day exploring Paris, having mellow jibbing sessions, and eating good food.

Part 2 coming soon!

Luke Miller

When I'm not a school or work, you can find me doing press combos on my Freebord

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